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School Life

Children with hearing impairment may find managing their school grades and social life more challenging than others, but with the right support, they can make friends and enjoy their school life. Parents can help their children by providing them with the necessary resources and support.


Parents can inform the teacher about:

  • Any hearing technology the child uses, eg.  hearing aids or cochlear implants

  • Any accommodations or support that may be needed in the classroom, eg. sitting at the front row

Talking to teachers before start of academic year

Communicating with their children's teachers before the start of the academic year can make sure that the teachers are aware of the student's specific needs, and can make the necessary accommodations accordingly. By talking to the teacher ahead of time, parents can provide the teacher with any information that might be relevant to helping the student manage their school life, such as information about how to communicate with their child, any assistive technology their child may use, or any other relevant information. This proactive approach can help to ensure the student's success in the classroom.

Requesting to sit at the front row

Children who sit at the front of the classroom are usually able to hear the teacher more clearly and are less likely to miss important information. It can also be less distracting for them, as the amount of background noise that children with hearing loss may struggle to filter out is reduced, allowing them to focus more on the class materials. Finally, sitting at the front makes it easier for the teacher to recognise if the child is having difficulty understanding something and can offer assistance.

Joining the PTA


Joining the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a great way to support hearing loss children's school life. By being a part of the PTA, you can stay informed of upcoming events and provide feedback on school activities. The PTA provides a platform for parents to have a voice in the educational decisions that affect their children. Parents can also network with other parents and teachers in order to stay informed and be involved in their children’s education. Joining the PTA is a great way to ensure the needs of hearing loss children are met and their school experience is a positive one.

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