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My Journey

I was born with profound hearing loss and have been working very hard to overcome my hearing problems, with the support from those dear to me.  I am making very good progress in learning and I enjoy my school and social life a lot.

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My Hobby - Art

I have always had a passion for art and have been painting since I was young. I find great joy in exploring my creativity through various mediums, including DIY crafts and calligraphy. I love to experiment with different types of crafts and mediums. I find it very relaxing and calming to paint and craft for hours. 





Before Cochlear Implant

0 - 3 years old

When I was two months old, I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears.  The hearing difficulty seriously affected my speech development.  I started my auditory-verbal therapy using hearing aids at six months old.  I had cochlear implant at the age of two years and four months.  This ended my silence period. 

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3 - 6 years old

In September 2009, I started a new chapter of life.  I attended the Rosaryhill Kindergarten while maintained a session of auditory-verbal therapy every week.  My early school life was full of fun.  Everyday I spent the afternoon in school learning, playing and laughing with my classmates. 


While striving to overcome my hearing difficulties, I am much indebted to my teachers, Miss Karen Lam, Miss Diane, Miss Kelly from Rosaryhill Kindergarten who were very caring and patient with my slow progress and the absences for attending the therapy.  

Primary School

6 - 11 years old

I started my primary school life in September 2011 at the Raimondi College Primary Section.  I enjoyed learning a lot which opened me to the world of knowledge.  I also loved sharing snacks with my friends during recess and having lunch in the canteen. 

While I didn't have much difficulties in listening at the lessons, the teachers were compassionate and would assign me to sit at the front.  They would also check with me from time to time on whether I understood what they  said.




Secondary School

11 - 16 years old

I am now attending the St. Paul's Convent School.  It was not an easy decision to leave Raimondi, I loved the classmates and teachers there.  However, I decided to take the challenge and stepped out of my comfort zone to explore if I could go farther.  I might be lacking self-confidence and was not good at making friends.  I didn't know how to make "ice-breaking" conversations. 

My worries were soon proved to be unnecessary.  The classmates at St. Paul's Convent School are very friendly.  I had much fun at the summer orientation camp before commencement of school, the dancing and singing with new classmates were so enjoyable.  I joined the Cavell House and had participated in its cheering team at the swimming galas and athletic competitions.  There are so many memorable moments! 

Now I'm rather busy in study and in preparing for the coming public exams.  I will soon go to university and I wish that I can attend a university of my choice.  Despite the workload, I enjoy my attendance at the St. Paul's Convent School everyday and I'm sure I would miss my friends and teachers here a lot.

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