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Oral Motor Exercises

Lip exercises

Smack lips together

Gently close your lips together and make a "pop" sound by smacking your lips together

Strengthen the muscles around the lips and improve the ability to close the lips tightly, which improve speech articulation

Drink through a twisty straw

Help with lip strength and coordination

Lollipop Squeeze

Hold and squeeze the lollipop with your lips for a few seconds

Strengthen lip muscles

Cheek exercises

Blow bubbles or feathers

Improve the strength and coordination of the cheek muscles

Drink from a straw

Use lips and tongue to create suction and draw liquid up a straw

Strengthen the muscles in the lips, cheek, and jaw

Jaw exercises

Chewing candy

Chew a piece of candy slowly, use your jaw muscles to move the candy around the mouth and the tongue to control its position

Helps to stimulate your face and throat muscles


Open your jaw wide and hold for a few seconds

Increase the range of motion and mobility of your jaw muscles

Tongue exercises

Licking food from sides of the lips

Place a small amount of food, e.g. chocolate, on the side of the mouth and use your tongue to lick the food from the corner of the lips

Strengthen and coordinate the muscles of the tongue

Tongue clicks and popping sounds

To make tongue clicking sounds, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and pull it down quickly

To make tongue popping sounds, create a small pocket of air between your tongue and the roof of your mouth and release it quickly

Strengthen and coordinate the muscles of the tongue, lips, and jaw to improve speech production

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